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Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis-NSA) works WITH the body's intelligence rather than against it. We invite, rather than force, through highly specific touch we offer patience and kindness. For me Kindness is the driving forces of this work. kindness speaks the body's language, seeking to listen and understand, then assist; rather than trying to put the person into a pre-conceived notion of what should be.

This approach helps the body open those places that haven't (maybe ever) felt safe! NSA uses the strategy of bringing safety first, then uses the tension stored in the body to bring about a shift. Since the changes come from within, rather than from some external force, transformation can occur with ease. The process of the entrainment/ adjustment is that gentle contacts are made where THE BODY wants to make change, and each contact builds on the previous one, teaching the body a new way to unwind spinal cord tension and to heal. People experience the release and clearing of mental emotional and physical "stuff" that they've had a really hard time getting to in any other way.

As we give respect and provide safety to the intelligence fo the body, that innate intelligence can change the flow of what has, been, can integrate the shifts of life, and can grow and evolve people into their maximum potential. Every day, I feel deeply blessed to be part of peoples healing.

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