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Traditionally chiropractors focus on:

1. temporary pain reduction

2. decrease muscle spasm

3 increase range for motion

mostly cracks in the low back and neck, patients often reported fair to good changes in the short term but not so much in the long term.  After I started offering Network Care, people would often have profound and meaningful long term changes, both physically as well as on other levels.

If you would like to get off the symptom chasing merry go round, and are ready to make long term changes -this office is for you.

Network is a combination of multiple chiropractic techniques.  This way of addressing you from different perspectives allowing for better more lasting changes.  My approach to your care is a combination of all that I have learned that works.


the experience:  you will most likely find your self face down on a comfortable table, as I make gentle contacts along the spine.  Initially they may not feel like much but as the Entrainment progresses, people usually experience a deep relaxation, a need for a gentle stretch or the feeling of a wave of energy or breath.

these are the words people often use to describe their experience of network care:

gentle, effective, pain relief, posture changes, relaxing tranquil transformational relief 



U. C. Irvine Medical School, in California, studied Network Care.  Results?  Conclusive.   They were able to demonstrate significant improvement in pain and stress levels.  The study concluded that out of 2,818 subjects, a stunning 99% were more than satisfied with the level of care they received, and its long-term results.

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