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Dr. Trey

Experiences and Practices

I'm a graduate of Palmer College. There, I was captivated by Network (Network Spinal Analysis) and have been practicing this way for the past 27 years.  I've been to over 70 Network seminars, and one of my very favorite things is introducing people to this work. I also bring the benefit of having learned craniosacral therapy, muscle testing, and many forms of meditation.  I also have participated in many healing workshops including ManKind Project, Art of Living, and Passionate Ease. 

In union, serving you ...

with my wife, Kerry Leigh Stiles, a skilled and unique healing arts practitioner. 


I started life with some challenges.  Nobody could come up with a good working diagnosis, but by the time I was in grade school my mother took me to my first Chiropractor, and around the same time I discovered meditation.  Both were life changing for me.  These experiences started me on a healing journey that included multiple forms of bodywork, meditation, yoga, and exercise.  The focus of my life has been on transformational healing; of myself and others.

I am grateful to be in New Mexico offering this body of work, the best of what I have learned and integrated to care for you.

When I’m not doing this work, I’m spending time with my family, gardening, building something, or enjoying nature and music.  


When I arrived at chiropractic school, everyone had to choose a student doctor to care for them.  I chose a neighbor who did the traditional popping and cracking.  I found that over time my symptoms would get worse.  I had more pain, and my spine was beginning to feel hyper mobile and somewhat unstable.  So I prayed for help and guidance.  It wasn’t but a week later that a friend introduced me to a Network Chiropractor.  I didn’t experience much for the first few weeks, but I really liked the chiropractor so I continued with care.  After a few months, things really changed.  My debilitating food allergies were becoming a non issue, my ability to focus and hear in class was improving dramatically, and my spinal symptoms had all but gone.  This was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and it turned me into a believer!



I'm also a farmer.  I have a small bionic farm at our home. I've created a system that takes hay bales, weeds, or anything green as a nutrient source, and we can produce high quality organic produce for a fraction of the cost of traditional agriculture.  The system I've created also uses nearly 90% less water!  It is my intention to help get this form of farming to the places in the word, the food deserts, that desperately need it.

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Network Care, in tune with nature, is good for growing healthy basil too!

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